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Do you want to stay in control of your farm business?
If UK farming is to remain competitive, farmers have to get involved with the supply chain and look at ways in which they can buy and sell more effectively.

FarmConnect was formed in 2003 by a group of arable farmers who recognise that individual businesses cannot do this alone. Collaboration is the key.

What's in it for you - We look at existing supply chains and ask one simple question: 'Can they be simplified so that we can buy or sell more effectively?' If the answer is 'yes', we then work directly with manufacturers to identify where cost savings can be made to benefit both parties.

We have applied this philosophy to all the major arable farm inputs: chemicals, fertiliser, fuel, machinery and seed. By talking directly to manufacturers we have been able to find solutions which provide a win-win situation for both the manufacturer and the farmer.

Our role is to negotiate best prices for our members; we do not take title of goods on your behalf. This means that we can keep administration costs low so you get the benefits.

'I want to work with farmers who are committed to developing a competitive and sustainable industry. FarmConnect is the ideal vehicle to help me achieve this - it has delivered significant savings to my business in both time and money and I am convinced that this approach is right.'
James Daw, WB Daw & Son

Interested ? - call Richard Thompson on 07974 152284.